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Project Examples

Environmental Chamber Temperature and Humidity Control Instrumentation Amplifiers, Transducers, PID circuitry, Display technologies

Windshield Wiper Rain Sensor
Transducer, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Noise suppression

Brain Temperature Monitor
Analog circuitry, micro-controller, display technologies

Police Radio Charging Cradle
Switching power supply, audio amplification

Pacemaker Communications
Serial interface software development to retrieve data from pacemaker

Off Road Industrial Lift Platform
Micro-controller, A/D, D/A, CAN bus, Power drivers

Fluid Dispensing and Monitoring System
RF communications, Database programming, PC programming

Automotive HVAC Controller
CAN communications, PowerPC programming, OSEK RTOS

Hydraulic Drive Controller (Skid Loader)
Infineon 167CR, interface circuits, CAN comms

Engine Control Module
CAN comms, Micro-controller, noise suppression

Genset Controllers
Serial communications, power electronics, MODBUS comms

Food Service Griddle Temperature Control
Micro-controller, Transducers, Instr Amps, Display Technologies

Truck Refrigeration Controller
Micro-controller, Display Technologies, Serial Comms

Exam Room Monitoring System
Single board computer, TCPIP comms, LED technologies, Interface crkts

Remote Control Power Strip
Single board computer, TCPIP comms, power electronics

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