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A successful project begins with project management. In order to design, develop and manufacture a custom product, it is a necessity to follow a strategy which will structure your project for success. OMNI adheres to a project management system which has proven to be an effective one. The six project phases are listed below:

  1. Requirement Phase (“What”) – In this phase of the project, we gather, communicate, document and secure approval of the requirements for the project.
  2. Design Phase (“How”) – The next phase in the project is to take the requirement documents and generate the design documents that detail implementation requirements.
  3. Implementation – Upon completion of the design documents, a prototype or model of the design is built. This phase of the project exercises the design documents to insure completeness.
  4. Verification – At this phase in the project, the test plan developed in the design phase will be exercised on the prototype. It is the intent of this phase to verify the design.
  5. Qualification – At this phase in the project, tooled samples of the project are assembled. The qualification test plan developed in the design phase will be exercised. It is the intent of this phase to verify that the design has been successfully tooled.
  6. Production – The final milestone in the project is a release for production after successful verification testing on the prototype and qualification testing on the tooled samples.

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