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Cell Phone Tester

This robotics based tester was designed to fully test the functionality of the hardware associated with cellular telephones with minimal operator intervention. The goal was to replace the current manual test method with an automated system operating under rigid constraints to remove the objectivity. The tester was designed to accommodate multiple phone styles including: flip phones, sliders and “candy bar”. The phone hardware was to be fully exercised to detect any component failure. The components included in the tests are: all mechanical buttons, all speakers, microphone, memory card, USB port and touch screen. The tester is comprised of a 4-axis SCARA robot, a high resolution camera, Ethernet based remote I/O and a supervisory computer.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Controller Tester

The test system was a C++ object oriented design system that uses a database for test selection and configuration and also data logging. Because of the high volumes it was required to be a fully automated system using pneumatics for X, Y, and Z plane probing control. The instrumentation was based on an Agilent 34980 DAQ with: a DMM, digital to analog cards, analog to digital cards, relay MUX cards, and digital I/O. Included also were a BACNet router, optical sensors to detect an LED color and brightness, optical sensors to detect product, a precision air pressure controller (0 - 1.5 inch pounds of H2O pressure) and RS485 communication link. In an effort to achieve a reliable robust connection to the DUTs air pressure sensor ( 0 - 1.5 inch pounds of H2O pressure) an internally designed coupler was built to align to the sensor nipple and using shop air secure the connection.

Vision Based Component Verifier

OMNI's vision based component verifier was developed by OMNI to assist manufacturers in verifying that hand placed components were present and installed correctly. The product uses a smart camera, dome lighting system and interactive user interface to feedback board information to the operator. The system is mounted on a portable rack for ease of movement throughout the shop floor. The verifier can sense; Presence, Color, Orientation.

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