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Electric Car Final Tester

The electric car single embedded central processing system housed within the instrument panel. All control (inputs) and drive (outputs) signals were managed via this system. The LabView based final test system would connect via the wiring harness, develop the proper stimulus for the DUT and monitor the DUT's outputs. The tester hardware consisted of: Analog to Digital converters, Digital to Analog converters, Digital I/O, a function generator and output loads. Because the DUT didn't support any diagnostic or test software the LabView based test system was required to simulate the system(electric car) including timing requirements.

ASAS Steering Tester

ASAS Steering Tester was developed for an automotive supplier. The tester's user interface was written in LabVIEW. The major technical components included in this development were; comprehensive safety interlocks, precision rotational position control, CAN bus communications to the device under test, and serial communications to control the peripheral devices.

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