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Agricultural Projects

Tractor Cab Tester

This test stand was developed for a major agricultural equipment provider. The operator interface was developed using National Instruments TestStand with LabVIEW modules. The GUI was developed to be very user friendly, making use of product pictures and interactive prompts. All elements of the tractor cab were exercised including but not limited to; decel pedal, accel pedal, clutch, potentiometer settings, limit switches, ignition switch, transmission control, cab vent and light switches.

Cotton Drum Tester

This test platform was developed and implemented to perform production tests on the drum component of a Cotton Picker. An ABB Vector Drive was used to control the test stand motor.  Interface to the drive, as well as system monitoring for vibration, temperature, drum speed and clutch slip were performed with an Allen Bradley PLC.  Data collection and user interface were developed in VB .NET. The product has numerous configurations that affect positioning of the product gear box. The test stand allows for quick connection to the motor in any configuration via a motor trolley track, in which the motor is suspended on a track and rotated into position per the unit configuration.

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