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Robotic Test Cell

Standard Functional Tester

  • Collaborative Robot from PRECISE
  • Turn key solutions
  • Custom gripper designs
  • Adjustable product racks
  • No guarding necessary
  • Robot able to service multiple fixtures and racks
  • Can be used in cartridge or conveyor mode
  • Bin gripper option
  • Lower operational and labor cost
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Quick figure changeover using Virginia Panel
  • Watch the test stand run at
  • Small footprint
  • Eliminate operator errors
  • Simple script editor for tester programming
  • Auto product recognition for easy changeovers

As the need for ever decreasing labor content in our manufacturing efforts becomes more and more important, OMNI has added robotic automation to it's standard functional test rack.

Now with collaborative robots moving into the market place, having a safe automated solution to tester operations has become real.  Replacing an operator with a robot that senses it's environment and does not need guarding or other safety measures, allows for fast, repeatable and accurate tester operation.  The robot will sense obstructions and will halt operations on sensing issues in it's work space.

Our robotic option can either load and unload from a bin or rack, OR it can load and replace items from an assembly line.  Please contact OMNI for additional details on how you can save money on your testing operations.


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